Audio Mixing and Mastering Services

A seasoned producer, engineer, and live performer with over thirty years of industry experience,  I'm here to help you bring out the best version of your music. By combining high-quality outboard gear, software plugins, and a personalised approach, I will work closely with you to ensure your tracks receive the professional mixing and mastering they deserve.


Employing a range of top-of-the-line equipment and software tools to enhance your music:

Outboard Gear

Thermionics Ultra Vulture - This high-end valve saturation device adds subtle harmonic warmth, elevating the final mix with its unique sound.

DBX386 - The DBX386 is a vacuum tube pre-amp known for its exceptional tonal qualities,

TL Audio - Dual Valve Pre Amplifier and Compressor

UAD Apollo X4 and Emulation Mastering Tools: Utilising the powerful UAD Apollo X4 interface along with a full range of associated emulation mastering tools (including Neve & SSL), ensuring precise control and accurate reproduction of your music.


Onboard Gear

Izotope Ozone 11 Mastering Suite: Harnessing the advanced features of Izotope Ozone 11 Mastering Suite to achieve exceptional clarity, balance, and depth in your tracks.

Waves Plugins - Collection of Waves Plugins

Fabfilter - Comprehensive suite of Fabfilter Mastering Tools, offering precise equalisation, dynamic control, and stereo enhancement for outstanding results.

Logic Pro Audio - Industry-standard DAW, to ensure seamless integration and a smooth workflow throughout the mixing and mastering process.



Competitive Pricing for all your mixing mastering needs (all in New Zealand Dollars):

- Stereo file mastered - $100 (This includes a consultation and feedback session prior to mastering, where I provide recommendations for any necessary mix adjustments).

- Up to 10  stems mixed and mastered  - $200

- 10 - 20 stems mixed and mastered - $300

- 20 - 40 Stems mixed and mastered - $500.

*** GST will be added for NZ Clients ***


I offer the "First Master is Free" opportunity as a testament to the confidence in the value I can bring to your music. It's my way of demonstrating my commitment to providing exceptional results and building a strong, long-term relationship with you. 

Please note that the "First Master is Free" offer applies to one stereo track only, and subsequent tracks will be subject to our regular pricing.


Mastering for all Digital Formats and Vinyl included.


Payment before any work commences is required.

A quick turn around and quality service will be provided, with feedback cycles included.


Reach out if you have any questions